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You only get really good pizzas from really hot ovens – far hotter than your average oven – and that only happens in a woodfired oven. Of course, being the Dome Garden, our oven is shaped like a – err – cube.

Just kidding, it’s a dome.

PIZZA NIGHTS are a great social event and have become the reason many people come back to the Dome Garden.

So twice a week, we dust off our copy of The Godfather theme tune and fire up the oven with a barrow of logs. It was two months in the building and takes almost as long to heat up, but it does produce some mighty world class pizzas.

Not only is it a chance to learn how to stretch out and create a genuine Neapolian style Pizza, but it is also a fabulous opportunity to swap exaggerated tales of derring do with your neighbours and take silly pictures of your kids – or your partners or your pals – covered in flour.

And when that’s done into the oven they go at a whopping 450 degrees – and yes, that’s celsius!!

Now, tell me that’s not hot!

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