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Glamping Availability – Highlights 2017

BAD NEWS!! The end is nigh!!! We close at the end of the month.
(Don’t Panic – It’s only for this season!)

BETTER NEWS Some glamping availability still for most of the Half Term.

Mon 23rd – 3 nights We still have the Superdome, 2 simple domes, double dome and 2 hobbity domes.
Thurs 26th – 4 nights Big domitory, 2 simple domes, 2 Hobbity domes.

EVEN BETTER NEWS. Don’t forget The Lodge Rooms stay open most of the winter…

If you’re ready to go… click here to get in touch.

Or Click the new online booking tab at the top of the website!! You can check Glamping availability and book direct there.

Every year we have about 600 enquiries to stay over the Summer Half term bank Holiday at the end of May.

So for 2018 we have turned it into our first “Wood-fired Family Foodie Weekend” which is our chance to beef up (pun intended) some of the food on offer. It will be a brilliant weekend where everyone coming will have booked the special “Fed Up & Foodie” option.

In the New Year we will be doing a mailout with all the details. So, to guarantee a space at a wonderful weekend, you will need to book as early as possible.

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