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Availability Highlights 2017

Approaching the 2017 season at speed now and, as usual, the first few bottlenecks have appeared around the Bank Holidays, half term and the early part of the Easter Holidays.

So, here’s a rundown of the slots where it is getting a little tight. Everything else should be fine – as long as you’re a little bit flexible.
(Updated over breakfast on 20th Mar)

Easter Holidays… Still lots of room throughout Easter and the surrounding holidays
Mon 3rd April Midweek, 4 nights – Superdome, 2 Hobbity domes and the Lodge Rooms.
Fri 7th April Weekend, 3 nights – Superdome, Simple dome, Small Domitory, 2 Hobbity domes and 1 lodge room.
Fri 14th April Weekend, 3 nights – superdome, skydome, 2 simple domes, double dome, small domitory and 2 Lodge Rooms.

Early May Bank Holiday
Fri 28th April Weekend, 3 nights – just 2 Hobbity domes and 2 Lodge Rooms.

Half Term
Fri 26th May Weekend, 1st half term slot, 3 nights – 1 Hobbity dome
Mon 29th May Midweek, 2nd half term slot, 3 nights – Superdome, 1 Hobbity dome and 2 Lodge Rooms.
Thu 1st June Weekend – last half term block, 4 nights for the price of 3 – Double dome, 2 hobbity domes, The lodge rooms.

Beyond this there is plenty of space with the exception of…
3rd August which is almost full with only the Small Domitory, the Double dome, 2 Hobbity domes and the Lodge Rooms left..

So, there it is, if you’re thinking about any of the slots we have left, as we say every year, DON’T HANG ABOUT!

If you’re ready to go… click here to get in touch.

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