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Availability Highlights 2017

OK time to get serious on the availability for the summer. (Updated over breakfast on Wed 7 Jun).

At the moment there 61 slots left over the entire Summer so still a bit of choice. If you are looking for something during the main school holidays now is the time to get in touch

Other than that
Mostly fairly quiet as with every year. But…
Fri 9th June Weekend – 3 nts – 3 hobbity domes left
Thur/Fri 22/23 June closed for two days.

Fri 7th July Big Domitory, 2 Simple domes, Double Dome and 2 Hobbities
Fri 14th July Small Domitory, Skydome, 1 Simple dome, Double Dome and 2 Hobbities
Fri 21st July Plenty of space
Fri 28th July just 1 Simple dome, Sky dome and 3 Hobbity dome left…

Mon 3rd, 10th & 17th plenty of space
Mon 24th Big Domitory, Skydome, 1 Simple dome, Double Dome and 3 Hobbities

Fri 4th August just 1 Hobbity dome available…
Fri 11th August just the Big and Small Domitories left.
Fri 18th August The Big Domitory, the Double Dome and 3 Hobbities…
Fri 25th August 1 Hobbity dome left.

Mon 7th August Superdome, Big Domitory, Skydome, Simple dome & 3 Hobbity domes …
Mon 14th August Superdome, Big Domitory, Small Domitory, 2 Simple domes & 3 Hobbities
Mon 21st August Superdome, Big Domitory, Simple dome, the Double dome and 3 Hobbity domes…
Mon 28th August Superdome, Big Domitory, 2 Simple domes, Double Dome, 3 Hobbity domes.

Beyond that September has lots of space.

So, there it is, if you’re thinking about any of the slots we have left, as we say every year, DON’T HANG ABOUT!

If you’re ready to go… click here to get in touch.

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