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Wood Fired Food

Foodie Weekend at the Dome Garden!

Hurrah !!!

2 dates for you diary.

Many people have asked if we can do a specialist food weekends where we really do set light to everything and have a proper wood-fired feast. So we’ve listened and we’ll be serving our full menu during two “half-board only” weekends throughout 2018. The first will be the weekend of the Bank Holiday over the 26th May 2018 the second will be just after the Summer peak.

Not only will we be serving some of our Mangalitsa pork but we will have special cocktails designed during one of our Grants drinks weekends and we will try and persuade Raol to come and do some foraging.

There will be other great things nearer the time but for the moment just put it in your diary and get a booking in quick. The bank holiday is the busiest weekend of the year and books up well in advance.

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