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Some years ago, two young brothers moved to the country with their parents and, just for a laugh, decided to plant a maze in the corner of the rather large field that was then their back garden.

Little did they know that, some forty years later, they’d still be there.  The maze would have grown to encompass the entire field and, dressed in their signature straw boaters and stripy blazers, they’d be providing a witty and amusing welcome to the thousands of visitors every year who find their way here – only to get lost again.

What makes it special is partly the lovely atmosphere created by the brothers’ abiding passion for the history and construction of labyrinths.  It’s also that this must be one of the best kept, most complex and frustratingly tricky mazes in the country.

Bring a picnic and watch from the deck as people appear and disappear and reappear on their epic journeys to the centre of the maze.

Then nip next door to the Butterfly house to complete an enchanting afternoon.

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