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We like biking!
No. We LOVE biking!

Just beyond our boundary is a designated mountain-biking area, which includes the slightly spicy Sallow Vallets off-road area, complete with mad-person’s, red-grade forest single tracks – as well as seven, seriously scary, downhill runs.

Then, thankfully, just beyond it, a 20 km surfaced track specifically for family biking and walking!

But in-between there’s the amazing Verderer’s route. “THE BEST BLUE ROUTE IN THE COUNTRY!!” shouted Mountain Biking UK. “The most fun you can have on a bicycle!” exclaimed one of our Islington bike commuter guests.

The whole area has been upgraded and re-surfaced with car parks and cafes and bike shop and even a lovely new bridge connecting everything together.  So from our gate you don’t have to cross a single road all day.

And if you forgot your bike – doh!! – there’s one bike hire place at the bottom of the hill and another who will deliver bikes to our door – oh how accommodating!!

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