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Dome Garden - Garden Life
For those who don't...

Calm Down Dear! It’s Only A Holiday...

So white water, llama spit and gear oil may not be your bag. You want to calm down. Chilax! Well, that's fine by us. There's a whole range of gentler pursuits just around the corner, everything from castles and caves to teashops and tree tops, all within just a few miles.

Dome Garden - Puzzled?
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dome garden - Puzzled?

It’s an odd place. Nothing more than a bit of a stroll in the woods really. Oh and there’s a few kids petting animals and…


dome garden - A-Maze-ing!

Some years ago, two young brothers moved to the country with their parents and, just for a laugh, decided to plant a maze in the…

Flutter by..

dome garden - Flutter by..

Never seen anything like it! Wherever you look; on the floor, in the air, on the plants, by the paths, there they are. Great big…


dome garden - Hiking

There’s More Hiking Here Than You Can Shake A Stick At! So, dust off your finest switch and head for the woods. The one thing…

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