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Dome Garden - Garden Life
For those who do...

Let's Get Dirty!!

If you’re going to the trouble of heating your own hot water to have a shower you might as well have something worth cleaning off.

So here's a few ideas for running about, getting grubby and even (as advised by 'The Sunscreen Song') "doing something that scares you". Boo!!

Dome Garden - Down, Down, Deeper and Down!
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Down, Down, Deeper and Down!

dome garden - Down, Down, Deeper and Down!

Boy oh boy. What a trip! There are two options for caving near the Dome Garden. The first is a  pleasant enough stroll through 7…

Paddles Up!

dome garden - Paddles Up!

OK, so its not class 6 white water but parts of the Wye get up to a very enthusiastic class 3 and just down the…


dome garden - Biking

We like biking! No. We LOVE biking! No. WE ARE BIKING! Just beyond our boundary is a designated mountain-biking area, which includes the slightly spicy…

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