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Evening Falls

A time to commune, to read or just to doze about.

As the last light flickers in the sky at last you’ll have time to read ‘Sacred Geometry for Dummies’ or Katie Price’s latest biographical novel.

Maybe resurrect that old art of conversation so cruelly eradicated by the gramophone. You could play games, catch up on a bit of Mahler or simply indulge in a little philosophical reflection.

You could even knock on a neighboring dome and reacquaint yourselves with that nice couple you met whilst parked on the M4 when you ignored our advice about not travelling in rush hour!

But the best option is to sit and chat to the people you came with. It’s life affirming stuff this – to realise that you can actually talk to your kids and with a little poking they may even do more than grunt back!

There speaks a man with a bunch of teenage children!!

Instagram: @thedomegarden