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What is Glamping?

Glamping basics.

Glamping is a funny term. It was the joining together, in matrimony, of ‘Glamorous’ and ‘Camping’.

Once barely related, now joined as one. Innocent victims of a shotgun wedding presided over by the genius who came up with ‘staycationing’. Problem is there are quite a lot of them now – glamping sites that is. Or, as some would call them, Glampsites. Aaargh!.

Here’s how it works – Nice John Lewis fabrics, a couple of cosy, chintz cushions under a canvas canopy and stars. Luxury duvets of feather down, farm eggs from chickens, all bundled into a wooden shelter that once housed sheep. Or maybe still does!

Well, we think that’s not enough. Like the child in Oliver Twist, ‘we want more!’

Real Camping.

Think bigger.  Think better.

Don’t settle for bog standard luxury camping. Don’t just go glamping. We’re talking about super glamping! Uber Glamping even. Luxury camping that does what it says on the tin, with everything thrown in.

That’s where we come in. The fantastic forest, the flushing loos, the kitchen sink, the garlic press and the stovetop espresso maker, and did we mention the astroturf on the floor?
 No? Well, there’s a funny reference to it in this fab article the Guardian wrote about us.

Finally, there are the Domes themselves, which The Cool Camping Guide describes as “glamping on a grand scale”.  Masterpieces of geometry and philosophy, they are simple enough to still be tents but dramatic enough to be likened on Trip Advisor to ‘staying in a mini cathedral’.

It’s about what you bring.

STOP RIGHT THERE.  This is not just about what we provide. It’s about what you add; stuff that’s already in your head.

The desire to sit for a while and be still; to forget all the kit and caboodle and hear the owls hooting at night or the deer munching our hedges to see your child discover that hens really do lay eggs; to smell the food you cooked over sticks you found in the forest.

By then it’s too late. The Dome Garden magic has taken effect. You’ve made amazing pizzas, drunk whacky local wine sneaked onto the swings and met some great, new people who’ll come to your wedding anniversary in 20 years time.

Above all, you’ve exhausted the kids.

But by then, like with Zebedee, it’s all over. How did that happen? Well, that’s the point…

Proper Time Out.

Instagram: @thedomegarden