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Dome Garden - Grub
Our way

Random acts of casual gastronomy. That's our thing. We quite like that. It's not a full-on restaurant by any means but, every few days , the main bar miraculously transforms into a casual little cafe or a pop up pizza parlour where we serve a tiny selection of properly tasty, foodie-food with some wackily named properly tasty wine. Mango Tango. Bangers, beans and booze, Best Beef Ever, and now slow cooked Perfect Pork, cooked, smoked and cooked again and then seared on a staggeringly hot grill, it's served with vanilla and apple ketchup and the meanest Dauphinoise since Louis XlV - all slooshed down with a bottle of Domignon Blanc or a glass of Cotes Du Dome! Read on bold gastronomer...

Dome Garden - the whole enchilada
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the whole enchilada

dome garden - the whole enchilada

We enjoy making the the food at the DG. And we now have a range of meals that work so well that we’ve had to…

Dinner on the Deck

dome garden - Dinner on the Deck

So the bread you made is really not cutting the mustard (hmm), the ocado van (yes they do deliver along with all the others. I…

Best Beef Ever

dome garden - Best Beef Ever

My Mum always said “If you can find your way through the kitchen when you’re cooking steak, the pan’s not hot enough! Well, that was…

Mango Tango

dome garden - Mango Tango

A generous wadge of chopped garlic, squish of lime, a bundle of chilli, chuck in a handful of seafood and there you have it –…

One Egg’s Un Oeuf

dome garden - One Egg’s Un Oeuf

Hugh Fernley Witenthtall (who we love to take the mickey out of) says never name your hens. So we haven’t. Well apart from Addy, Sleepie,…

The Humble Poacher

dome garden - The Humble Poacher

Poached eggs; Not easy to do well. All too easy to do too well. Resulting in a rubbery white coat over an unyielding block of…

Les Oeufs a La Cupole

dome garden - Les Oeufs a La Cupole

Domed Eggs “J’adour les Oeufs a La Cupole” cries the sexy movie starlet. “We’re domed, Captain Mainwairing, we’re domed.” cried Corporal Jones. But for the…

Dome Baked

dome garden - Dome Baked

You only get really good pizzas from really hot ovens – far hotter than your average oven – and that only happens in a woodfired…

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