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Dome Garden - Grub
Your way

Cooking for yourself on an outdoor stove is 'Something Special.' Specially frustrating. Specially annoying. But also specially satisfying. There are mysteries and discoveries too. No-one knows why greasy fingerprints on the plate of beans you dropped on the floor doesn’t send you into a spasm. No-one can explain why discovering the lamb you cooked to perfection now has less flesh than Tutankhamen’s mummy doesn’t make you despair. Truth is – it doesn’t. The key is, it’s not the same as it is at home. Not remotely. (At least, we hope not). It's all part of The Dome Garden adventure.

Dome Garden - Half pint?
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Half pint?

dome garden - Half pint?

Quicker than a  flash, faster than a rocket. with more punch than a teenage party when the parents are away. This tiny but mighty little…

Who’s eaten all the pies?

dome garden - Who’s eaten all the pies?

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Rocket powered

dome garden - Rocket powered

Don’t get me going!! Every week people tell us we’re mad. Half of them because they don’t believe you can cook on a rocket stove…

Campfire cookery

dome garden - Campfire cookery

If talk of Rocket stoves and Chimineas is all Double Dutch ovens to you then take heart. This is the lingua franca of the campfire…

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