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Glamping Availability – Highlights 2018

Glamping availability for 2018 Summer season!!

Updated over breakfast Sun 20th May.

Still plenty of space, off and on, throughout the rest of this week – until…

Fri 25th May – Wood fired Foodie weekend. Just the Big Domitory left.
Mon 28th (3 nts) – Superdome, 2 Simple domes, Double dome and 2 hobbity domes
Thurs 31st (4 nts) – Large Domitory, Skydome and three Simples, 2 hobbity domes

Lots of space throughout. Quite busy on the weekend of the 8th. 2 Domitories, Skydome and 2 Hobbities left

Still plenty of space in the early part of the Summer Holiday from the 23rd July.

Monday 30th Superdome, Both Domitories, 1 Simple dome and 3 Hobbities left

Hobbity domes
Generally there are one or two Hobbity domes available for most of the August sessions.

Big domes
Friday 3rd Aug – Superdome, Big domitory,
Mond 6th Aug – Superdome. Skydome, Double Dome,
Fri 10th Aug – Big Domitory, Skydome
Mon13th – Big Domitory, 2 Simple domes, double dome.
Fri 17th – Big domitory, Little Domitory, Skydome, Double dome
Monday 20th – Superdome, Big domitory, 1 Simple, Skydome, Double
Friday 24th – Superdome, Big Domitory.
Mon 27th – Superdome, Big domitory, Skydome, 2 Simple Domes, Double Dome
Friday 30th Sept – Lots of space.

Plenty of space through September and October into the Autumn Half term.

If you want to know about The Lodge Rooms and you can book those directly click here to get in touch.

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