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Autumn Glamping Treats

Normally by this stage in the year were all exhausted and have no more ideas left (ha!) But this year we’re still full of beans so we thought we might indulge in a bit of a treat.

In fact three treats in one this Autumn.

Treat one – Bushcraft weekend over the 10th October.
Fire, foraging and den building. Oh and maybe we should build a new outdoor Rocket stove. Loads of fun either way.

Treat Two – Forest Food and Foraging weekend on the 17th October.
A chance to search out what’s on our doorstep with hopefully two of the west countries most amazing foragers and then best of all taste it all in the comfort of the Rocket bar on Saturday night and Sunday lunch.

and then
(Trick or) Treat 3 – Halloween over Half term.
Scary stuff and lots of pumpkin carving and sticking your hands in gooey things… – not sure what the kids are going to do though…

How can it be any more exciting than that?

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