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Some years ago I used to work for a crazy TV producer. He was not only an amazing boss but had a unique gift with a kettle barbecue.

His star turn was at the Summer parties when he would have three BBQs running at once and could produce perfectly cooked steaks and lamb fillets to order with exactly the right ‘doneness’.

I say it was a unique skill because, to this day, I have never met anyone who could do the same. I have watched time and time again as blokes (always blokes) do battle with a pair of tongs and burn the heck out of anything they can. Munching on them afterwards with grimaces covered in tomato ketchup – presumably to disguise the taste of the charred offering that was once a chicken drumstick or a hapless burger.

So, that’s it then. The answer to why we have no barbecues at the Dome Garden! Instead we have rocket stoves with cast iron griddles above them. And now I watch, time and time again, as perfect meal after perfect meal emerges from the smoke and the only thing covering the faces of our guests are contented smiles.

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