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Bring it on!

So. Yes. We have to admit it. Not a word from us all winter – and not much during the Autumn either.

The end of 2015 passed in a streak of busy weekends and amazing corporate events. We barely had time to catch our breath.

Lots of fun was had, by lots of people, and after the first ever Xmas staff party, (nope, no pictures were taken!) we all collapsed in a heap and started doing battle with the computers and all the things we decided to upgrade and fix for the next season.

Too many bits to mention here now, but the best things are the two new B&B rooms, the new fires in the Double Dome, a rebuild of the Small Domitory and eventually new insulating panels on nearly all the other domes ( but that won’t be finished quickly).

The gardeners have pruned everything back too, so it all looks ready to shoot up in the spring.

And there’s more in the pipeline as well, so don’t be surprised if we’re the middle of some great project by the time you arrive!!

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