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What else would we call our house wine? Domus (House? Geddit?)

And what a weekend to finally launch our long awaited and much beloved wine list (yes, about six years it’s taken to sort this out). Each with our very own super informative labels.

Lots of ideas going on here;
1. To have fun with the names – Domus, Chardommay, Cote du Dhome and Daumignon Blanc, as well as Strewth and Storm!
2. To have a selection of really great tasty wines at reasonable prices
3. To have informative labels which tell you what you need to know – whether you are a cognoscenti who knows their nose from their elbow or whether your response to “What wine do you like?” is “Red!”

And what a great weekend to launch it on. A jam packed house full of great people to sip and swill and slosh.

So far so good, lots of chortling and imbibing.

Just the job!

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