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Family Friendly Foodie Weekend

Family Friendly Foodie Weekend at the Dome Garden!

Hurrah !!!

2 dates for you diary.

Many people have asked if we can do a specialist, family friendly foodie weekend where we really do set light to everything and have a proper family friendly foodie feast. So we’ve listened and we’ll be serving some of our favourite things from our menu during two “full-board only” weekends throughout 2018.

The first will be the weekend of the Bank Holiday over the 25th May, the second will be just after the Summer peak probably the first or second weekend of September.

Not only will we be serving some of our home grown Mangalitsa pork – which we have been guarding from poachers in a locked freezer – but we’ll also be putting a Waggyu twist on our “Best Beef Ever’ dish and tasting some of the amazing forest inspired cocktails designed during one of our Grants master cocktail bartender events.

Starters will include an old favourite, ‘Mango Tango’ – seared smoked Wye Valley trout with mango, avocado and chilli salsa – as well as smoked and baked camembert with garlic, rosemary and warm honey .

For lunch on one day we will stoke up the oven to make wood-fired flatbreads, and maybe barbecued mutton chops. On the other there might be racks of lamb.

After all that, speciality local cheeses like Hereford Hop and Stinking Bishop, or Margarita Ice creams and Lemon Drizzle bars.

Finally, our friend Raoul has agreed to to come and do some foraging to make sure everyone works up an appetite before a very-late lunch on Sunday to finish off!

There will be a total of around 12-13 courses over the weekend so prices are a bit more than the usual “Fed-up & Board” rate.

Adults rate will be £149,
foodie kids menu will be £89 or
a simpler menu for any non-foodie children will be £59.

The May Bank Holiday is the busiest weekend of the year and books up well in advance so if you are a fanatical, family friendly foodie gang you would be mad to miss it.

Especially if you like a bit of alliteration!

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