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Low Ropes

SWING LOW! – on our new team building low-ropes course for our corporate guests.

What’s a low ropes course?

Well, a series of logic puzzles and physical challenges, all based near to the ground and all involving ropes – to a greater or lesser extent. Hence Low Ropes.

It’s designed to bring teams closer as they work together to progress thorough all the elements of the course. It had its first run this week with a go-getting, enthusiastic set of teams from Ribena – institution – who came for two days of conferencing and team building bringing together staff from two distant sites – many of whom had never met before.

After a lot of chatting and charting, it meant that all 46 of them could get out into the fresh air and stretch their muscles, both mental and physical, solving the games and challenges that are built into each element of the low ropes course.

The pictures give a good idea of how it went and, if that’s not enough, there was this from one of the senior team…

“The amazing thing about the low ropes course was the variety of skills we needed to complete all the tasks. It was pitched just right. Nothing was too hard for those who were nervous of heights or balance, but nothing too easy either for those who wanted to show off a bit. It was pretty sneaky actually. But the best thing was that we needed to work together to as a group, to communicate, to listen to each other and to use everyone’s skills. Our normal roles broke down, so seniority meant nothing and, by the end, we really did feel like a proper team.

The final end game was a proper battle too. All very exciting and a perfect mix for our team building event. But, above all, it was fun.”

“Really, good, fun!”

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