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Spring – Indoors!

A warm blast of air has magically opened all the trees and flowers in the Dome Garden.

Just like that – Boom!

It is most definitely spring and, just to celebrate, we have had a cuckoo trumpeting away in the forest all morning.

The effortlessness with which all this happens never ceases to amaze – especially when our own version of Spring has been such hard graft.

Yes, the Green Dome, whose winter makeover – transformation even – has absorbed almost all our attention over the last three or four weeks, is finally complete!! Fanfare of trumpets PLLLEASE!

This has been a monumental task, involving several hundred hours of finger-pinching, bleary-eyed stamping and cutting and painting and shaping. Like many things here, it became a far bigger project than we could have imagined at the start – but who cares?

Now that it’s here, at last, unveiled on the first proper day of spring, we are delighted.

The only thing now is what to call it. The Green Dome still? Or The Jungle Dome? The Eco dome? The (non)-Living Wall dome?

Answers on postcard please…

Oh and before you ask – No! We are not doing this in every dome.

– although we do still have a few surprises up our sleeves, which will become clear as the year progresses!

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