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Hobbity Domes

15ft in diameter, big enough for two tall adult Hobbits (up to about 6’2”– so not strictly Hobbits at all!!!) and a couple of smalls (or 3 at a push – if they really are hobbits!).

All 3 Hobbity domes, confusingly known as ‘The Pebbles’, sit near to each other in a corner of the site the gardeners call ‘Bedrock’. We call them Sandstone, Flintstone and Bambam!

Pretty much every year we mess about with them over the winter. This year they were damaged in the snow. So we’ve rebuilt them – again – and added some covered areas, put resin bound gravel on the floors, reorganised the gardens and are about to add some really nice little Mexican Chimineas so you can sit under cover at night and sing spaghetti western them tunes. For the aficionados – don’t panic, they are still cavelike, but now just more so.

Each of The Pebbles has a tiny kitchen shelter and they all have private en-suites with fires and proper loos and showers with water you heat for yourself, so you can luxuriate in your own private little, cave-like downpour.

The main bed-domes are sunk 3ft into the ground, they’re insulated with cork and heated by wood burners, which makes them our warmest domes in the winter and our coolest domes in the Summer – some would argue they are our coolest domes – period!!

Beware though, they are properly cavelike and finished in mud (adobe) and clay so do come prepared to meet your inner Hobbit – or Fred!

Yabba dabba doo!!!

N.B. Once the refurb is finished we’re going to add a tiny wood-fired spa-bath to the biggest one – Sandstone. It will also be bookable on line and rentable by the night – like a tiny, one-roomed, cave hotel spa! – Sort of!

Bank holiday weekends must include meals as follows.
Early May BH – 2 meals during stay
Late may bank Holiday – Fed up and Board package only.
August Bank Holiday – 2 meals during stay.

Want to know how all this happened?
Building the Hobbity domes was a bit of a saga. So we’ve compiled it into a 9 part tale – almost as gripping as the book itself – or the films? *!*?@

So, if you’re feeling strong start here…

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