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Little Domitory

You’ve heard of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Well, these are the Hanging Beds of the Dome Garden.

Domes have space – lots of it – but mainly in the roof. So with a little ingenuity they can take a surprising number of people – as long as they’re are happy dangling in space!

Hence the dom(e)itories, two of them, both based on 20ft domes but each with a mix of beds that hang, or stack, or simply sit on the ground.

This is the smaller of the two – hence The LITTLE Domitory – and takes 5 brave Domateers. It’s also known as the Bamboo dome because it sits behind a stand of Bamboo. There are three hanging beds and a separable double for ground dwellers, but beware – kids and adults all adore the hanging beds, so you might have to negotiate with the little ones to see who gets what!

Prices start at £454 for an off season midweek stay of 4 nights and go up to £717 in the peak Holiday season. Checkout the availability bar above for exact prices. Remember this dome is priced for 5 people. .

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