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The Superdome

One giant dome, with room for eight, on two levels. This is the dome that makes you go Wow !!
And wooh.
And waaaah!.

Why’s it called the Superdome? ‘Cos it does what it says on the tin.

Super in every sense of the word… super sized, super fun, but above all super cool!

In the roof you’re all at sea in five super-comfy pipe cots, normally found on ocean going yachts, surrounding a slightly unnerving swinging double bed. And all dangling on cables from the roof, accessed by a little spiral staircase.

Down below, more bed space – for those with a fear of heights – and a wood-burning rocket mass heater to heat the circular bench where jolly groups can sit and chat around a warming recycled oil drum.

The girls from Greenham Common would feel right at home!

(for the youngsters among us…That’s when people really knew how to sit around oil drums and chat!!)

Prices start at £646 for an off season midweek stay of 4 nights and go up to £898 in the peak Holiday season. Checkout the availability bar above for exact prices. Remember SUPERDOME is priced for 8 people. It can take 1 extra person. Free for kids, small charge for adults. .

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