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Accessible holidays

Accessible holidays are a big deal here and we are often asked about the suitability of our site for wheelchair users.

We are particularly conscious of this. As I write, we have been turned down form hiring a villa in Portugal for our own holiday because our, wheelchair-using, sister in law wanted to sleep to one side of the enormous living space on the ground floor. It would have been perfect for her but ‘Oh no’ said the owners – ‘we can’t have that, people have to sleep upstairs only!’ ‘But she cant get upstairs’ we protested – however it was to no avail.

We’re outraged because, believe it or not, we think she should be able to go on holiday too.

It means we look very carefully at how we accommodate our own wheelchair using guests to make sure they can benefit for accessible holidays.

People like our wonderful friends at Access Adventures. We’ve written about them before because, every year, they bring a big gang of spinal injury patients for an adventure break, 10 of whom are wheelchair users!

They all have good chairs and varying levels of skills (one of them, Phil, is the guy in the picture at the top of this page) and with just a small amount of modifications on our part, they can use just over half or our domes.

Chief among those is the SUPERDOME which is the most wheelchair friendly of them all. Apart from totally step free access, the dome has beds on the ground floor and an ensuite with grab rails around the loo as well as a gigantic double shower/wet area, so there is no problem with turning circles. It also has a kitchen which is covered and has a smooth decking floor.

Beyond that, the main lodge has a deck with flat access from the entrance path which leads into the bar.

All the paths in The Dome Garden are gently undulating and covered in bark. So they are not super-smooth tarmac, however with a bit of oomph, or a gentle helping hand, they are all navigable on two (parallel) wheels..

The only thing we haven’t had in the past is a WC near the bar. This year we are solving that, with a step free loo just across from the entrance.

So there it is – Accessible holidays at the Dome Garden?


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