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Glamping Wedding

The Dome Garden is a great place for an inspirational and informal glamping wedding.
It’s ideal for mixed-age groups to have an action packed weekend of activities, with busy and active days, followed by a few drinks and a jolly evening. The key is to understand how to make the best of what we can offer – but also to understand the limitations.

Glamping Wedding

For a Glamping Wedding you need a small, private and completely romantic location. Set on the edge of 31,000 acres of woodland in the Forest of Dean, it’s an intimate and rather magical place. Ideally suited then, to a cosy family glamping wedding celebration with comfortable and iconic accommodation to fit guest groups of all sizes and ages.

The Dome Garden has been voted the “Best Luxury Campsite” by National Geographic Traveller and The Sunday Times magazines. Cool Camping said ‘Glamping doesn’t get cooler than this’. The Guardian joined in, listing it in the “Top 5 luxury campsites” in the country.

It’s a great venue for those looking for a slightly alternative, outdoorsy, glamping wedding weekend in what so many now say is the best glamping facility in the country.

How does it work?

At the heart of the site is a covered deck, large enough for between 75 and about 90 people to sit and eat. Below that is a firepit which can be used to host intimate ceremonies or for small groups playing acoustic music into the evening.

After that it’s inside the lodge, to dance ’til late, but – as always here – with a twist. Silent discos are the order of the day – err – night. Partly practical, to keep the noise down, but also because they are such fun.

And then to bed – Sleeping accommodation is in the domes themselves and there are hotels and other accommodation not far away for any extra people.

And the Grub?

can be fully catered or partly self-catered. SO take our range of speciality meals, world class pizzas and imaginative breakfasts and mix and match with bouts of cooking on the various wood fired cooking facilities attached to each dome.

The Damage!

Glamping Weddings are booked in standard 4-day midweek blocks or 3-night weekends and the price varies from around £5k in low season to just under 8k in the Summer. This includes accommodation for around 50 of your guests and gives you exclusive hire of the entire site for the duration of your glamping wedding.

The Magic Bit ?

The Dome Garden is not a hotel. But it does have fantastic private en suites, luxurious linen, cosy wood burners, friendly service and of course the domes themselves.

It is not really a campsite either. But there are zips in the doors, a smattering of pegs and guys, the unmistakable proximity to the world outside – and a lot of fires! Fires to cook by, to sit by, to heat baths by and to make tea by.

So the result is neither one nor the other but a strange mix of both. And it generates a calm, relaxing, community atmosphere which is ideal for family weddings. Inclusive enough for people to feel involved but spacious and private enough for them not to feel on top of each other.

It melts away the stress that might otherwise besiege you on The Big Day and is the reason The Dome Garden works so well as a Glamping Weddings Venue!

And that’s the magic bit – The Dome Garden Magic bit.

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