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Small Group Bookings

Dome Garden is a great place for small group bookings – be they stags and hens, writers and bikers or multi generational family gatherings.
It’s ideal for mixed-age groups to have an action packed weekend of activities, with busy and active days, followed by a few drinks and a jolly evening. The key is to understand how to make the best of what we can offer – but also to understand the limitations.

So what’s to do?

So yes, there are lots of places to eat and tons to do, from walking and hiking to biking to caving and canoeing, the treasure hunting, pottery painting, relaxing and pampering and many other things ending in ing!


After all that you will have worked up an appetite.
Luckily, as you’re shivering from the dousing in the river we’ll be cooking up a storm in the restaurant where we serve a range of fantastic forest inspired food. And it’s great value too!

What’s not to do?

The Dome Garden is a small site in the middle of the woods with no big city attractions late into the night. There are neighbours across the woods and generally other guests with families or small children not far away.

So, it is absolutely no good for running about, singing loudly and getting really drunk ‘til really late.

It all makes for a much calmer weekend than you might have in some places but, if that’s what you’re after, then brilliant.


So talk to us about what you need and we’ll start by sending you a link to a more detailed page. Then we can provide you with specimen weekend itineraries, food menus and a list as long as your arm (unless you have particularly long arms) of things to do, places to go and people to talk to.

Instagram: @thedomegarden