Dome Garden is a magical eco-encampment with a mix of geodesic domes, inspiring hotel rooms and now a transformational contemporary treehouse in the heart of the Forest of Dean, just north of Bristol.

For 12 years we have lead the way in luxury camping and been voted in the top five luxury campsites or glamping holiday sites by newspapers, magazines and websites all around the world – from The Guardian and The Times, to the National Geographic and the England Prestige Awards.

The Dome Garden is not a hotel – but it does have crisp white linen with wonderful ensuites and flushing loos. It’s not a campsite either – but it does have tents and guy ropes and access to limitless amounts of fresh air. It’s not a playground but it is a lot of fun.

Slightly fewer domes has made way for our amazing new zero energy treehouse which is nearly finished as it rises up form the remains of the Superdome. We no longer do the range of food that we’ve done in the past – at least for now – but we still have our luxurious hotel-style Lodge Rooms – now 6 rooms instead of five- and if yoiu want yoiu can book the whole place (although you have to email us for that).

So – as always – lots going on. Come and join us and see what all the fuss is about – for yourself.

Check online and book direct with these links

For the Treehouse – bookable from the first May Bank Holiday – start here


For the Domes (from Easter onwards) try here


And for the Lodge Rooms it’s this one

Remember… all breaks start on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays. (or the availability widget thing wont work!!) except the Lodge Rooms which you can book anytime.

Legendary Glamping Village. Zero Treehouse and Brilliant B&B.

For Families. For Couples. For Groups.
And For Kids - 'from 1 to 92'!

See you in 2023!

The Domes

For Families And Couples.
(prices are here too)

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What's going on?

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If Kevin Mcleod were here, he'd say "This is, indeed, a work of Grand Design!"

Cool Camping for Kids II

The Lodge Rooms

Bed & Breakie.

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The Zero Project

Net Zero Treehouse for the 21st Century

Read about the Zero Project

3 days of this beats 2 weeks on a beach, hands down, for me.
We just had our main holiday in Portugal – wish we’d come here instead.

Sasha K.

I wish I could keep this place a secret for my booking next year!!! The Dome Garden is amazing.

Doug L.

The Dome Garden

...accept nothing less!