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Dome Garden - Grub


That’s the way to do it!

People always like to think their way is best.  But, at the Dome Garden, as always, we like to give you a choice.

Which way is better?  We’ll let you be the judges of that.

Your way

Our way

Dome Garden - the whole enchilada
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Campfire cookery

dome garden - the whole enchilada

If talk of Rocket stoves and Chimineas is all Double Dutch ovens to you then take heart. This is the lingua franca of the campfire cooks and given a…

Dome Baked

dome garden - the whole enchilada

You only get really good pizzas from really hot ovens – far hotter than your average oven – and that only happens in a woodfired oven. Of course, being…

Rocket powered

dome garden - the whole enchilada

Don’t get me going!! Every week people tell us we’re mad. Half of them because they don’t believe you can cook on a rocket stove and the other half…

Who's eaten all the pies?

dome garden - the whole enchilada

‘Local Provenance!’ That’s what it’s all about – or so they say.

‘They’ being the TV gurus we all love to hate.


If you’ve collected the logs, lit the fire and…

Les Oeufs a La Cupole

dome garden - the whole enchilada

Domed Eggs

“J’adour les Oeufs a La Cupole” cries the sexy movie starlet.

“We’re domed, Captain Mainwairing, we’re domed.” cried Corporal Jones.
But for the lack of an extra O this simple…

The Humble Poacher

dome garden - the whole enchilada

Poached eggs; Not easy to do well.

All too easy to do too well. Resulting in a rubbery white coat over an unyielding block of solid yolk. And so often…

One Egg’s Un Oeuf

dome garden - the whole enchilada

Hugh Fernley Witenthtall (who we love to take the mickey out of) says never name your hens. So we haven’t. Well apart from Addy, Sleepie, Chubby, and Eva. And…

Mango Tango

dome garden - the whole enchilada

A generous wadge of chopped garlic, squish of lime, a bundle of chilli, chuck in a handful of seafood and there you have it – well almost!

Don’t forget the…

Best Beef Ever

dome garden - the whole enchilada

My Mum always said “If you can find your way through the kitchen when you’re cooking steak, the pan’s not hot enough!

Well, that was then and this is now….

Dinner on the Deck

dome garden - the whole enchilada

So the bread you made is really not cutting the mustard (hmm), the ocado van (yes they do deliver along with all the others. I can see them now…

Half pint?

dome garden - the whole enchilada

Quicker than a  flash, faster than a rocket. with more punch than a teenage party when the parents are away.

This tiny but mighty little half pint (actually half a…

the whole enchilada

dome garden - the whole enchilada

We enjoy making the the food at the DG. And we now have a range of meals that work so well that we’ve had to fire the dishwasher!…

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