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Dome Garden - Garden Life

Garden Life

What’s to do?

A little or a lot is the answer.

In and out of the Garden there’s a ton to see and a lot to do. But if that’s what you do all week then a little bit of nothing never hurt anyone either.

Take it easy. That’s our motto.

Dome Garden - Handee Shoppee?
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dome garden - Handee Shoppee?

Fire is a big deal here. You need it to warm your dome, cook your food and heat your water.

There are backups if you need them but the basic…

Wot? No Wifi?

dome garden - Handee Shoppee?

Sadly, rubbish phone reception and the digital TV switchover has put paid to mass communication throughout much of the Forest of Dean. On top of that the granite walls…

Evening Falls

dome garden - Handee Shoppee?

A time to commune, to read or just to doze about.

As the last light flickers in the sky at last you’ll have time to read ‘Sacred Geometry for Dummies’…

Night Owls

dome garden - Handee Shoppee?

For those with modern night-time issues, there is soon to be the celestial form of the The Rocket Bar and Cafe. Yes, our very own little residents-only saloon so…

Woof Woof!!

dome garden - Handee Shoppee?

Well, we ummmed and aaahed about this one.

Not least because if we said ‘No Dogs’ then our pals with a pair of Newfoundlands and some more with a…

Handee Shoppee?

dome garden - Handee Shoppee?

What’s all this about the Handee Shopeee??

The ancient English were rubbish at spelling but they did love a bit of flogging. So we thought our little ‘Shoppee’ should overflow…

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