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No Place like Dome

The Domes are all designed as self- contained units. They range from 12ft to 24 ft across and are all equipped with everything you need for the coolest camping ‘ extravaganza.

They will comfortably take a family of four
or five, or six if you squeeze,
or two if you’re feeling romantic…
or just one if you’re feeling poetic!
(or have no friends)

Dome Suite Dome

Dome from Dome

People don’t just come in one shape or size – so why should our domes.
There are now four types of dome catering to slightly different groups.  They all produce light and airy spaces that, thanks to mostly insulated covers and their own wood burning stoves, should keep you snug as the proverbial bug, no matter what mother nature decides to throw at you during the day.

Dome Suite Dome


You’ve heard of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Well, these are the Hanging Beds of the Dome Garden. Domes have space – lots of it – but...

Hobbity Domes

& 2 smalls on extra bedlets!

15ft in diameter, big enough for two tall adult Hobbits (up to about 6’2”– so not strictly Hobbits at all!!!) and a couple of smalls (or...

The Sky Dome

Sips 5 - or 6 inc smalls

One of the joys of the Dome Garden is the night sky. In the depths of The Forest, it’s as dark as a dark thing, on...

The Lodge Rooms

Prices per night, for two. Child's bed extra.

BOOK THE LODGE ROOMS ONLINE HERE Everything comes to those who wait! - and the Lodge Rooms are no exception! It took a while but we finally...

An elegant piece of glamping purity, a 20ft dome with ensuite shower or, in one case, a double ended bath. simple |ˈsimpəl| adjective ( simpler , simplest ) 1....

Big Dom-itory

- but can take up to 2 more. (£50 pp supplement)

You’ve heard of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon; Well, these are the Hanging Beds of the Dome Garden. Domes have space – lots of it - but...

Double Dome

inc prices for Big Domitory

Barely seen since they were invented in 1948, this dome, with its external frame, is not only a miraculous blend of  engineering and philosophy but now...

One giant dome, with room for eight, on two levels. This is the dome that makes you go WOW !! And wooh. And waaaah!. Why’s it called...

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