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Simple Dome

An elegant piece of glamping purity, a 20ft dome with ensuite shower or, in one case, a double ended bath.

simple |ˈsimpəl|
adjective ( simpler , simplest )
1. easily understood: presenting no difficulty: a simple solution | dome garden simple domes are simply fantastic.
• uncomplicated in form, nature, or design; without excessive decoration: a simple white dome | the dome is furnished in a simple style.
2. of or characteristic of humble and unpretentious status: a simple Buddhist monk.

We called them the Simple domes because they are straightforward, honest and simply furnished. They take four people, or five with a child, and are – simply lovely.

There are three Simple domes. One has an ensuite with a double-ended bath and one has been transformed into the “Green Dome” It’s a bit lower than the others but it still takes the same number of people.

If you have a preference… you have only to ask…

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