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Fresh Air

There are only two types of people…

On one hand are ‘those who do’.

On the other there are ‘those who don’t!’

Luckily it’s a win win situation in The Forest, as both types can have just as much fun as the other…

For those who do...

For those who don't...

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dome garden - Puzzled?

We like biking!
No. We LOVE biking!

Just beyond our boundary is a designated mountain-biking area, which includes the slightly spicy Sallow Vallets off-road area,…


dome garden - Puzzled?

There’s More Hiking Here Than You Can Shake A Stick At! So, dust off your finest switch and head for the woods.

The one thing The Forest Of Dean has…

Paddles Up!

dome garden - Puzzled?

OK, so its not class 6 white water but parts of the Wye get up to a very enthusiastic class 3 and just down the road we have some…

Down, Down, Deeper and Down!

dome garden - Puzzled?

Boy oh boy. What a trip!

There are two options for caving near the Dome Garden. The first is a  pleasant enough stroll through 7 lighted caverns with displays on…

Flutter by..

dome garden - Puzzled?

Never seen anything like it!

Wherever you look; on the floor, in the air, on the plants, by the paths, there they are. Great big beautiful blue ones as big…


dome garden - Puzzled?

Some years ago, two young brothers moved to the country with their parents and, just for a laugh, decided to plant a maze in the corner of the rather…


dome garden - Puzzled?

It’s an odd place. Nothing more than a bit of a stroll in the woods really. Oh and there’s a few kids petting animals and a little…

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