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We’re so pleased you want to come glamping at The Dome Garden.

If you haven’t already, take a peek at the latest availability summary HERE have a run through the FAQs below or check the prices HERE.

Then just fill in the simple form below and, hey presto, someone will get back to you as soon as possible. –

Sometimes that’s straight away but sometimes it takes a while – but everything is done in order so don’t panic if you don’t hear from us immediately.

One thing to remember – most of the time our breaks start on Mondays and Fridays or the Thursday of half term. It really does work better like that for lots of reasons. We can sometimes make exceptions but only in the lower seasons.

See you soon – we hope!


Weekend breaks all run 3 nights.

It’s to give you a proper shot at a weekend and encourage you to take your time here – a chance to escape from your other life.

It’s also so you can enjoy your dome all day on Sunday without being chased out by cleaners at 10am.

So come on Friday, after work or school or whatever, and then if you reeaaally have to leave on Sunday, stay late and drive home after the traffic.

Lucky ones get to stay ’til Monday.


If the Dome Garden can be summed up in one short phrase it would be “not like it is at home”. It’s the opposite of that well known apple phrase.  Here most things don’t work “right out of the box” – although some may say they were conceived there.

You need a bit of time to take everything in and figure it all out. You simply can’t absorb it all in one night.

Then there’s the Dome Garden Magic. It really does exist but it can take a while to conjure up, so you need to be here for a spell.(!?)

If you can’t find the time now, try us again when you can.

It says the Dome Garden is either an ‘adrenalin fuelled mudfest’ or ‘a haven of peace and tranquility’ – trust us on this.

Sometimes it’s really busy here, but at other times it’s really, really quiet.


Once in a while you may even be the only guests.  Love it for that and revel in the calm – as we do.

It can’t be a party every day!

Half terms are mostly really popular. So, we split them into three blocks.

Block 1.  Three nights from the first Friday of half term.

Block 2. Also three nights and starting on the Monday.

Block 3. This one starts on the Thursday.  But it runs for up to four nights until Monday morning, when most – but not all – are due back to school..

All three blocks are the same price.

We regularly check the few other top glamping and luxury camping sites to find our prices. We want to pack as much value as we can into the basic price without loads of add ons.

So, yes… there’s the fantastic dome but also…

  • Supercool en suite with flushing loo and wood fired shower or bath,
  • Firewood for the fires, stoves and hot water (fair use),
  • Lovely bed linen – and a choice of pillows if you have a preference!
  • Online fees, telephone booking fees, late arrival fees, visitors fees – any other fees that other people charge.
  • Other things… pots & pans, cups & crocs, knives and forks, high chairs and  cots, changing mats, baby listeners, fairy liquid, matches, etc etc etc.
  • oh – and eggs from the chickens – but only when they  feel like it!

Now go back and compare those prices again!

Don’t forget to Read our Booking Conditions.

Not too much.

Credit card for the security deposit

Directions from your booking form to make sure you get here!

The Three T’s – towels, tea-towels and a torch.

Oh and food for cooking – unless that’s what you do all week, in which case put your feet up in the kitchen department and sample our lovely meals instead.

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