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Confusing isn’t it.

So much contradiction, so much politics, buried in half truths and rumour. In the interests of harmony, and practicality, rather than faddism or fanaticism – we have included a number of sensible, mild green, environmental ideas throughout the site. Passive and practical solutions to a few simple things.

So, the domes are insulated (derr!), and we use thick feather (and hypo-allergenic) duvets for bedding so, no matter what, you will be snug as a bug in a – well – duvet! The roof of the main lodge is covered in solar panels which produce about 50% of our electrical needs – which includes powering over 100 super-low-wattage LED replacement bulbs, which light up the site and the main building.

Each dome does have it’s own en-suite shower and loo, but the water is heated by you from a boiler in the back of the stove using logs that are harvested in the forest just yards from the site. (That’s the famous carbon neutral thing – right there.)

The paths are built up on foundations of recycled glass which began life as the beer and wine bottles from the neighbours Mayday celebrations back in 2010 and the kitchens and the fences are made from scrap offcuts from another sawmill just down the road…

There’s more too, but we think you get where we’re going with all this. And, like most of the gags in this website, everything that can be recycled is recycled.

dome garden - Eco?

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