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The Dangerous Book for Boys

“The one thing we always say about childhood is that we seemed to have more time back then”.

So said the best selling Dangerous Book For Boys. “Not only were the summers longer, but the days were warmer.”

We couldn’t agree more. The sand, or grass, or twigs beneath our feet defined the seasons and filled the gaps between the changing terms before the accelerating speed of the life lead us away and dampened our senses.

The Dome Garden is an attempt to slow the hand of time, to recreate the wonder of youth and recapture “those Sunday afternoons and endless summers.”



It’s partly how we find our way back to where we came from and how we keep in touch with our youth. It might also be how we help our children learn where they are going and how to get there.

If we don’t take advantage of stuff like this then we all risk growing old too young.

That is what The Dome Garden is all about.

Bring a gang of friends or family, go canoeing or cycling or llama trekking. Make camps, take it easy and enjoy the slowing of time with no phones or tvs or emails to distract you. And then you might remember more about the gentle course of the carefree summers of your youth.

dome garden - The Dangerous Book for Boys

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