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The Music of Spheres

Apparently “the geodesic dome is an extraordinarily potent, geometric composition, which mirrors the structure and form of the very cosmos itself.”

Not only that but “It’s a physical manifestation of the philosophy of Sacred Geometry and a demonstration of the driving mathematical principles of all living cells”.

Something to consider (or maybe not!) as you sit in your dome looking out over the forest and – like every other philosopher before you – pondering the relationship between you, the universe and – well – everything!

Some say… when you speak or play music in the middle of a dome it’s not the strange and eerie acoustic you can hear but the music of spheres.

Others say… it’s the sound of your own soul echoing from within!

All we know is they are extremely strong, very light and completely wind and water tight and when you heat them up, they stay nice and warm and cosy.

Not quite how Kant would have put it but then again… he wasn’t exactly Doctor Who now, was he?

dome garden - The Music of Spheres

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