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Flutter by..

Never seen anything like it!

Wherever you look; on the floor, in the air, on the plants, by the paths, there they are. Great big beautiful blue ones as big as your hand, tiny little pretty red ones that hide on bushes in front of your nose, drifty floaty white ones that sail past as you walk.  They’re simply everyewhere, butterflies of ever colour and hue and size and type. More than you could ever imagine.

It’s a simple enough recipe; take a couple of large greenhouses that were once part of the neighbouring garden centre, heat them up, plant some big tropical plants and populate it with butterflies and lovely friendly, enthusiastic staff who clearly love their jobs. Sprinkle a handful of fairy dust and voila – a little slice of heaven!

We visited The Butterfly Zoo in April when the butterflies were  just starting to come out.  If you go in June you can barely move for them.  And it’s not just a beautiful spectacle, there’s lots to learn with super helpful staff, tons of information and a fascinating little greenhouse in the corner where all the caterpillars hang out!

It always quite hot inside, so is a great one for rainy days or chilly afternoons.

(not only that but it’s right next to the maze! of which more next…)

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