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Handee Shoppee?

What’s all this about the Handee Shopeee??

The ancient English were rubbish at spelling but they did love a bit of flogging. So we thought our little ‘Shoppee’ should overflow with gorgeous grub and Things We Love – little gems ranging from the exotically practical (Gransfors hand forged axes, really clever little firelighters, and brilliant banger forks) – to desperately dull essentials – bangers, batteries, bread, beans, bacon, books,
blah di blah

At least that was the plan.  However, due to the brilliance of local deliveries, and the proximity of food purveyors of all sorts from the mass market to the utterly organic delivery on a bicycle types, we scaled it down a bit.

So yes, still bacon, bangers and books but no beans, batteries or bread

We still have axes and marshmallows and we’ve added Storm kettles and bushcraft knives. And if you give us a little notice we’ll happily assemble a goodybox of stuff to get you started…

So, still Handee and still Shoppee – just not quite as you may have imagined it.

Instagram: @thedomegarden