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Grub / Dinner on the Deck

So the bread you made is really not cutting the mustard (hmm), the ocado van (yes they do deliver along with all the others. I can see them now a long line of multi-coloured vans lined up in the lane with helpful drivers running plastic crates back and forward – now that’s what I call a holiday) has replaced your prime sirloin with loo roll and you’ve had just one glass too many of Char-dome-ay to trust yourshelf with finely slicing the shallots….(hic)

So, a couple of times a week (or any day if you warn us) we lever open the fridge door to release some of our favourite meals, on you – the unsuspecting Dome Gardeneer.

Things like Mango Tango, a delicious seared tuna with avocado and chilli salsa, or Best Beef Ever – sous vide beef finished on a flaming grill… If we weren’t biased we’d say it was worth coming just for that!

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