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Grub / Dome Baked

You only get really good pizzas from really hot ovens – far hotter than your average oven – and that only happens in a woodfired oven. Of course, being the Dome Garden, our oven is shaped like a – err – cube.

Just kidding, it’s a dome.

PIZZA NIGHTS are a lively, social free-for-all that over the years has become one of the reasons many people come back to the Dome Garden.

Twice a week, we dust off our copy of The Godfather theme tune fire up the oven with a barrow of reconstituted sawdust logs and for are few hours the cafe becomes a chaotic Pizzeria. The oven was two months in the building and takes as long to heat up, but it does produce some mighty world class pizzas.

Not only is it a chance for you to learn how to stretch out and create your own genuine Neapolian style Pizza, but it is also a fabulous opportunity to swap exaggerated tales of derring do with your neighbours and take silly pictures of your kids – or your partners or your pals – covered in flour.

And when that’s done, it’s into the oven with them at a whopping 450 degrees – and yes, that’s celsius!!

Now, tell me that’s not hot!

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