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Grub / Les Oeufs a La Cupole

Domed Eggs

“J’adour les Oeufs a La Cupole” cries the sexy movie starlet.

“We’re domed, Captain Mainwairing, we’re domed.” cried Corporal Jones.
But for the lack of an extra O this simple but exquisite dish could have made it to the big time. A celebrity egstravaganza, a leggend in its own lunchtime.

This is our house favourite – house invention even. In truth a simple scrambled egg made from our own eggs (try getting that colour with anything else !) mixed with smoked salmon from the Wye or Severn and garnished with a sprinkling of chives, snipped from the Dome Garden.

But then the tomato! Vine ripened, sweetened, grilled and domed. The fifth and final element to unleash the sublime delirium of the last mouthful.

“Umami” Heston Blumenthal calls it.

“Oooh Mummy” more like!

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