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Grub / The Humble Poacher

Poached eggs; Not easy to do well.

All too easy to do too well. Resulting in a rubbery white coat over an unyielding block of solid yolk. And so often lumped onto a soggy wet bed of sliced white bread or worse muffins!

But not here. Oh No.

The Crusty Loaf bakery provides the perfect base… Lightly toasted bread (as history demands) but with a little secret ingredient – (no we won’t tell you what it is…) Then a smattering of the crispest bacon. Finally the egg. Perched delicatielyon top and poached to perfeggtion

A last flourish of forest back lardons and that essential dribble hollandaise. A creamy crunchy finale at the start of the day.

Not so humble now – eh!

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