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Grub / Who’s eaten all the pies?

‘Local Provenance!’ That’s what it’s all about – or so they say.

‘They’ being the TV gurus we all love to hate.


If you’ve collected the logs, lit the fire and rolled out the pasta you’ve woven yourself, you can have a great big, organic, pat on the back. But don’t go spoiling it with New Zealand butter… or Argentine beef… (or Peking Duck?!?) To help, there’s your own forest kitchen beside each and every dome.  It comes complete with everything you need to make your own top notch nosh – from pans and plates to pots and crocs, last lickers and garlic squishers. It’s all there – and if it isn’t we’ll find it for you.

The F word…

And Fire to cook on? Your own handy gas ring? NO CHANCE. (guffaw, guffaw) We laugh in the face of modern sophistication and the gas known as Calor.

We gasp at the ineptitude of the Open Fire – complete with its cranky cranes and cast iron trivets.

These days the glitterati of the glamping fraternity are kitted out with the latest in Forest cooking chic – a rocket stove to heat your food, a storm kettle to brew your tea and a chiminea to warm your toes.

Now it’s a piece of gateau to conjure up a family feast and flex your credentials as a compfire cognoscenti

Peas Anyone?

Success here needs a small serving of the two p’s – practise and perserverance – so our best advice is ‘start simple’.  Maybe pot noodles or a pot of tea – before moving on to a side of spicy morroccan lamb with fruity couscous

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