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£19 a night! Explained

Glamping from £19 per night??? So says

Can it be true?

Well, almost. The figure is based on the price per head, per night, for 8 people taking the Superdome for a midweek break in low season. Phew!

But, in fact, it’s not true!!!

It’s actually £18.28!

Whilst, the word ‘From’ implies that this is the lowest price you can pay to stay here, it also implies it can be higher… which indeed it can.

The prices range upwards, depending on the size of dome and the season you come, reaching a maximum of just over £50 per head, per night, during the Summer peak in one of the smaller domes. But even then, those prices are comparable to staying in a bed and breakfast locally at the various times of year.

And we like to think there is something more interesting about what you will experience at the DG.

So, when can you get these amazing prices? Well, first you have to find 7 friends,(derrr!) and then gather them up for Monday 7th September after the Summer madness has receded! Hey presto £18 per night per head.

Of course, if you want the full rundown of absolute everything, all the prices and periods are all detailed on the individual dome pages on the website and you can access those from here.

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