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Best Beef Ever

There’s one BIG problem with the ‘Best Beef Ever’ meal we cook here at the Dome Garden…

Don’t get me wrong. It really does live up to its name. It is the Best Beef Ever.

Amazing joints of sirloin cooked in a vacuum to precisely the exact temperature that we like for the best part of 24 hours. It means that every bit of it – all the way through – is perfectly cooked. None under and none over. Then it’s seared at 500 degrees celsius for just a few short moments until it bursts into flames before going to the tables topped with a knob of butter infused with layers of ripe stilton.

These days we serve it with baked potatoes sliced into pieces and pasted with butter and cooked under a grill, fantastic mushrooms fried in butter and garlic and an amazing tomato salad, as well as roast vegetables from same oven we cook all our pizzas in.

So where’s the problem? What’s wrong with that?

What’s ‘wrong’, is that everybody eats it all. Not most of it. Not nearly all of it, but every last scrap of it. (Yes, even the people who say “eueeuw, we don’t like beef when it’s rare. We only have it medium”. Well, yep, they eat it all too.)

Our Argentinian guests last year said the beef was ‘Trrremendous’. And these were proper Argentinians, so praise indeed. And they ate it all.

And because you, our lovely (greedy er… hungry) guests, carve the joints straight from the oven at your tables, there is never, never… ever… any leftovers for us in the kitchen.

That is what is wrong. That is why we look so sad on “Best Beef Ever” night, as we peer out of the kitchen hatch watching all that lovely beef disappearing in front of our eyes.

So a small plea. Spare us a thought next time, and just consider leaving us a tiny bit on the carving board.

Before probably scoffing it down anyway!!

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