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The Warm Garden!

The end of Summer marks the beginning of one of the prettiest times to visit the Dome Garden. But with all the beautiful colours and the fabulous light comes cooler weather. So here are our Top Six Tips for, not just surviving but, REVELLING in your Autumn trip to the Dome Garden.

Layers, layers, layers.
That’s how they do it in the Antarctic. Lots of thin garments all piled on top of one another to trap air inbetween. So, plenty of tee shirts works a treat and make sure they’re long enough to tuck in.

Best impression of Simon Cowell wins – although you don’t have to wear the inserts in your shoes to make you look taller!

The Eternal fires
We say this all year, even in the Summer, but people still ignore us. The starter pack of wood we supply you with is enough to gently heat your dome for several hours each day and for you to make hot water and cook meals. But ONLY if you do it right.

One log at a time, until it’s burnt down, will keep the dome nice and warm. 3 logs at a time will make it really hot, but then it will get colder quicker too – and you’ll have used three times the amount of wood.

The domes are all insulated but they are still tents (camping! remember?) so the heat will leak away during the night and the hotter you have it, the quicker it leaks.

If you do run out, then new bags are £7.50 per bag. If you don’t care, then bask in Mediterranean temperatures to your heart’s content. If you do it right, even on the colder weekends, you should never need more than two or three over the course of your stay.

It’s a cover up.
Even in the Summer we get the odd person who says they’re cold at night – when others are relaxing in t-shirts. If you are that person, it is worth throwing an extra blanket into the car before you leave home.

You will be less inclined to jump out of bed in the middle of the night, freezing your nightshirt off, to tend a fire if you are warm and cosy tucked up in bed.

Two’s a crowd
This year we are gradually moving over to single duvets. There are lots of reasons – all backed up by sleep analysis – to suggest sharing duvets is basically a disaster. In the winter the key issue is cold. So, wrapping up in a single duvet keeps you snug and warm. Wrestling all night with your partner trying to coversnatch (yes, that is the term) does not!

No, we are not suggesting that you bring gallons of whiskey to make you pass out at night – (actually ..? theres a thought )- but never underestimate the value of a nice little wooly hat. And the reason they were both called nightcaps was because they – er – both help you sleep at night!

Kids will be kids
Babies have a resting heart rate of up to 170 beats per minute. Their metabolic rate is through the roof – especially when they are asleep, which is when their bones grow. Kids are the same. Try touching the head of a sleeping four year old, or an 11 year old, and you’ll see they are actually running a marathon in their sleep. And the funny thing about marathon runners is, they don’t get cold!

So, don’t worry about them. If you’re OK, they will be better than OK. Especially if they have one of the zippy, wooly, baggie, thingeys, so they can’t throw off their covers in the middle of the night.

Given that humans have been living in this part of the world for 40,000 years -and only had central heating for the last 60 – you can see that as a species we don’t all suddenly keel over when the temperature goes down – and babies, amazingly, thrive!

Who then turn into adults who worry about their babies getting cold…

So, There It Is…

Forewarned is forearmed!

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