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Forest Schools

Take your class from Forest school to Forest proper!

Are you looking for an imaginative and exciting venue for your school camps week?
Well, look no further !

With an increasing national shortage of Outdoor Education Centres, we have suddenly been besieged by a rash of schools wanting to use The Dome Garden to extend what they have been teaching in their Forest Classrooms in the form of midweek residential camps in the Summer and Autumn terms.

“Could it work?” they ask us. Well, yep, it’s quite easy really…

Accommodation – is obviously in our super cool geodesic domes, with en-suite facilities including showers, baths and flushing loos for up to 60
children and 8 staff.
What to do? – There’s a ton to do in and around the site and with everything you can possibly imagine to get the best out of the students as they interact with the amazing Forest that surrounds us.
Hungry? – Well, the food is fabulous too; properly made, well-balanced meals that are both nutritious and tasty – including our amazing Neapolitan pizzas, made by them, cooked by us, in our unique wood fired oven.
And the best bit is? – it will easily fit into a reasonable camps budget!

So, if you or any of the teachers you know, need a Schools Programme that gives you
– a host of activities to choose from,
– a completely flexible pricing structure,
– amazing food and,
– probably, the best staff accommodation of any camp in the country, then hesitate no more and get in touch.

You can drop us an email,
you can call Jonny on 07974685818, or
you can read more detail in our special schools page here.

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