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Glamping Wedding

Dome Garden Glamping Wedding.

It would be so easy to say what a gorgeous glamping wedding celebration we had here last weekend. We could talk about how fabulous the bride looked, how wonderful the speeches were and how great the ceremony was…

But actually last weekend it was all that and so much more.

96 people filled the Dome Garden as never before and with them they brought boundless good humour, lots of love and even more flowers. The entire garden, which had gradually been transformed during the winter into the best it has ever looked in the five years, was given an even bigger boost with the addition of car-loads of plants specially grown by the friends of the bride over the last few months.

For our part we added in a raft of new wood-fired and barbecue inspired food which was demolished as soon as it hit the tables, whilst they provided music in the shape of accordions, guitars, an acapela quartet and then on Sunday afternoon capped it off with the full choir.

And whilst there was plenty of music throughout the day and into the evening, unlike many other weddings it didn’t descend into a drinking frenzy and riotous disarray as many weddings do.

I was particularly struck though by the atmosphere. It was one of absolute dignity and serenity. The happiness that poured out from all directions was utterly infectious and it will be a weekend that I, for one, will remember for a long time.

This was the biggest event the Dome Garden has ever hosted and as such was an enormous amount of work for our wonderful staff who kept their sense of humours and worked like trojans all weekend without a word of complaint.

So was it hard? Yes, but was it also satisfying? Yes.

Would we do a Glamping Wedding again? Like a shot!

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