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It’s all Greek to me!!

We were asked over Xmas how we work out the prices for the domes – so we thought we’d explain a bit more about how we go about it.

All our pricing assumes that you take your dome for the full number of days in each break and fill it with the number of people it should take. That means a weekend in a Simple dome gives you 4 people for 3 nights – we call that 12 bed-nights.

We then look at the cost of those ‘bed-night’ for all the different seasons and each type of dome. The more people that share a dome the cheaper it is. If you want to have nice cosy demos to yourselves then the price creeps up proportionately.

The cheapest bed night would be in the Superdome in low season, during the week. This season we have increased that basic cost of 1 bed night by a whopping £1.50. So if you stay in the superdome with your 7 pals for a week out of season, you will now pay the princely sum of £17 per head per night.

Now, we think that’s pretty reasonable… !!

At the other end of the scale, for domes with only two people, prices start at £35 per head per night – which is exactly the same price as the cheapest B&B in the Forest of Dean and there’s not much difference in peak season either when a B&B will cost around the £60-£70 per head.

Also, because we haven’t raised our prices for four years, it puts us among the cheapest per head, per night cost in any comparable glamping facility – although, to be fair, there aren’t really many of those…

If you want to get the best value then come away from the peak seasons, stay for the full number of days and match your guest numbers to the equivalent size of dome.

I know we’ve said it before but…


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