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Mad Mad Summer.

Well, with the kids mostly heading off back in the direction of school, the Dome Garden suddenly returns to a much calmer pace.

And not before time. We can at last draw breath.

In August alone we were overwhelmed with a tidal wave of nearly 600 enquiries for late bookings. And that was for just 30 spaces that we had left at the beginning of the month.

In the end it was so crazy we just switched all the emails off and waited for the noise to die down. It didn’t help that this weekend our website was hacked and at the beginning of the month all our computers were stolen and we had to set everything up again from scratch!

So, apologies if you have tried to get though to us over the last few weeks, but it was just too much for us to handle – what with actually running the site too!!

And what did all this teach us?

Well, from our side we need to find a way to handle the availability enquiries – even if not the actual bookings themselves – with something more automated. So that’s firmly on the list for this winter. Next year we may even have a cutoff where, in fact, you won’t be able to book within two weeks of coming.

From your side it’s really simple. If you want to come and stay at the Dome Garden book it when you think of it and don’t leave it till the last minute.

We don’t offer amazing last minute deals, so there is no point in waiting until the week before you want to come and then trying to bargain down the price as it just wastes even more time and makes us irritable.

If you want the lower prices then come in the lower seasons. The next couple of weeks for instance will be nice and busy, the weather is not significantly different from August (which this year is a shame!) and it is nearly half the price of the peak season that it rubs up against.

With all that said this has been the Dome garden’s sixth successive most successful season – and we still have two months to go so a huge thanks already tall of you who have made it fly past as such breakneck speed, for all those who keep coming back – some now of their sixth visit!! – and especially to all those who have already booked for next year. Which is already our most successful start to at the season that we have ever had.

The last word goes to those thinking of coming this Autumn it’s a resounding –

“BOOK NOW!!!!”

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